Aboriginal History

The Dharug were made up of many clans, including the Burramatugal who lived in the area now known as
Parramatta. The name ‘Parramatta’ is thought to be derived from the Aboriginal word for 'place where the eels lie down' to breed. Like their neighbours, the Toongagal in Toongabbie and the Bidjigal in Rose Hill; the Burramatugal fashioned tools and spears for hunting native animals and collected wild berries and flora as a
valuable source of vitamins. The Burramatugal had a close relationship with the river, The Burramatugal had a close relationship with the river, from which they caught fish, eels, and other food. Their stable bark canoes often carried a small fire in the middle, built on a mound of soil to allow them to cook their catch fresh. 'Firebrand farming' was also practised in the region.




Aboriginal PowerPoint - slides that show some of the Aboriginal culture before and after Colonisation.