Ann Hart - Thomas Magee Third Class Fleet Street Factory

The Freemans Journal reported on 5th April 1833 that 56 free settlers, wives and children of convicts in New South Wales, were embarked from the Penitentiary house in Cork on to the Caroline at Cove and on the following morning 120 female convicts from the same establishment were conveyed on the Waterloo steamer to the Caroline. Their appearance and conduct was said to be highly creditable.

The Caroline arrives in Sydney 6 August 1833. Sydney Monitor 7 August 1833. 

The banner photograph of Kilmainham Gaol courtesy of Raymond Okonski. 

Our Story begins with the arrival of Ann Hart a young pick pocket, tried, convicted and transported for her crime.  

Ann was transferred as a first class convict to the Parramatta Female Factory on 30 January 1835, but by 2 July 1835 she was classed as a third class convict, research has not found why she was in the Factory, sometimes is was simply for not doing what she was told. No allocation was recorded at the time. 

Third Class Sleeping Quarters Courtesy Dr Carol Liston

It was at the Factory that Ann gave birth to a son in 1838. He was named Thomas Magee, also the name of the father, a convict from Meath, Ireland, who arrived three months after Ann. Ann's Ticket of Leave is dated 8 Apr 1838, a few months after the baby's birth.