Archaeological Dig Open Day

Members were treated to a day to tour the dig conducted by Casey and Lowe at the Female Factory. The members were impressed with the information uncovered. The full scale of the history will not be known because only select sites have been given the green light. What will surely be covered is ground ground penetrating radar, because the "Female Factory" was a laying in site hospital (babies being born) often in the case of a still born or death of a child, the children were buried near the place of their birth, so skeletal remains could be in and around the old buildings.  Photo of the Female Factory and photo of the Hospital

Stories in the local newspaper feature heavily in the site.

Discovery of co-existence between the Aboriginal People and European people. 

Department of Environment Statement: Click for full statement.

The Australian Heritage Council is seeking to recognise the key role of benevolent and other care institutions in Australia’s history. The Council is currently assessing three institutions for potential inclusion in the National Heritage List: Parramatta Female Factory Precinct, Willow Court Barracks Precinct and Frescati House in Tasmania and Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. The Parramatta Female Factory Precinct, including the former Roman Catholic Orphan School and Parramatta Girls’ Home, may be a nationally significant example of the treatment of institutionalised women and children over a long period of Australian history.

A decision is sitting on the Heritage Ministers desk, we await the announcement.

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