A Garden Party at Hambledon Cottage.

Members enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the company of our Patrons Tom and Meg Keneally. Our patrons are internationally known authors who have a love of history, and particularly so when the family were tracing their family history they found an ancestor who had been a factory woman - Mary Shields from Limerick.

Members were entertained by Tom and Meg with a lively and interesting presentation, as they told of the method of selecting the material for their Monserrat series and also who was responsible for the method of writing. It was apparent  from the questions asked by the people attending they thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

Members relaxed in the sun, and strolled through the Cottage Museum which included the "Herstory" display in the Lucas Gallery. Our Hosts for the afternoon were the Parramatta And District Historical Society and the wonderful guides who took them through the life and times of years gone by. Photography Wal Phelps