National Heritage Listing Submissions

We await the ministers announcement.

Submission Barry G Bullivant OAM - Anne Dunne

Submission June M Bullivant OAM - Eliza Somers

I strongly support the endeavours of the Granville Historical Society Inc. to preserve the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct. Having recently visited the Precinct I appreciate the value of preserving this revealing piece of history. To destroy it would be criminal and be indicative of the State government's priority of putting money before preserving our cultural heritage. Nancy Bundle AM. Member of the Central Coast Family History Society.

Thank you for your email.  As some of our Group's members are also members of the First Fleeters' Group we have been made very much aware of the situation relating to the Parramatta Female Factory.  We have been gathering signatures via petition, which will be forwarded on to the appropriate place.  It is a very sad state of affairs that those in power in this country place little value on our heritage, and we hope that our voices will be heard. Kind regards, Val Leet, Secretary, Tamworth & District Family History Group Inc.