Publicity and Advocacy Initiatives 2017-2018

                                                                                             1. Raised public/wider community awareness through regular site tours and talks to numerous history society and community groups. 

2.  Participation in the National Trust Festival, giving factory related talk at Hambledon Cottage (with Parramatta& District Historical Society). Two talks planned for 2017.

3.  Participation in community events – taking the opportunity to publicise PFFF e.g. Australia Day in Parramatta Park, M.O.U partners “Hands Off Our Assets“ Rally in Centenary Square. 

4.  Showcased the women’s history (supported by Parramatta & District Historical Society), held “Herstory – Lives of the Parramatta Female Factory Women” at Hambledon CottageParramatta from Oct 2015 – May 2017 – (local, national and international visitors). 

5. Participation in the state wide Annual Family History Conference Camden 

6.  Held core event “Riot Day” at the factory site – 10 tour groups, guest speaker Meg Keneally (author and factory woman’s descendant) and Tom Keneally AO (author) – unprecedented attendance 

7. Piqued interest of ABC radio presenter Wendy Harmer – radio interview with Meg Keneally and Gay Hendriksen (PFFF) – advocacy focus.

8. Formal presentations given by 2 PFFF members at the Urban Growth NSW Community Forum in November 2016 – included the PFFF Vision for the factory site – now online Urban Growth NSW website

9. Submission to Heritage Council for Parramatta Female Factory National Heritage Listing re-submitted – decision due in 2019.  

10. Following on from 10,000 signatures Petition being presented to NSW Parliament in late 2015, Federal Parliament Petition for World Heritage Listing – ongoing initiative. The petition/gathering signatures are core focus in all publicity events. Petitions have been left with various organisations – monitored by Committee members/members – petition also online.   

11. Publication and distribution of bi-monthly PFFF Newsletter to membership and other history organisations – showcases women’s history, reports events an advocacy for the factory site. Copies requested by organisations e.g. Society of Australian Genealogists.  

12. Development of sale items which publicise PFFF and advocacy focus – e.g. bookmarks, badges (Herstory Matters) and books.  

13. Formal meetings with politicians and UGNSW planned - 2017.  

14. Liaison with MOU partners North Parramatta Residents’ Action Group regarding advocacy initiatives and support for preservation, conservation and future custodianship of the factory site.  

15.  Liaison with other groups e.g. The Macquarie Society with aims as 14. 

16. Acceptance by Meg Keneally and Tom Keneally AO to be inaugural Patrons of the PFFF.  

17. Extensive media coverage (radio, print and social media) - publicity and advocacy for Riot Day.  

18. Media profile includes Facebook, website:  through personal blogs, Facebook, formal advocacy letters to Urban Growth, City of Parramatta Council, State Government Department ministers etc. 

19. Individual members and non members support PFFF vision through personal contact/writing to media (eg SMH), writing to “decision makers” or establishing blogs and through other websites.