Tours and Events

The "Parramatta Female Factory Friends" conduct tours of the Factory during the "Riot Day" event which is held in October each year. A number of members are able to guide the people attending the day around the site  telling them the stories of the Factory.

Riots The rioting  women were punished in Parramatta and then sent to Newcastle and after Newcastle closed, Port Macquarie and Moreton Bay. There were 5 riots we know about at the factory – 1827, 1831, 1833, 1836 and 1843. The first one was described by Sydney Gazette. "A numerous party again assailed the gates, with pick axes, axes, iron crows …  and the inmates were quickly poured forth, thick as bees from a hive … About one hundred came into town…. Constables were seen running in all directions. A captain, a Lietenant, two serjents; and about forty rank and file… were seen flying in all directions with fixed bayonets,… and so violent were the Amazonian banditti, that nothing less was expected but that the soldiers would be obliged to commence firing on them…. [the convict women]Went along, carrying with them their aprons loaded with bread and meat." Sydney Gazette 31 October  1827 This riot is the earliest identified workers action in the Colony and therefore Australia. For more information please click the link below.

 Female Convicts Parramatta Female Factory No 2