Videos of the Factory.

Hear the stories from dedicated historians who are passionate to save the area for our future community. And watch the trailer "Banished Women" picture yourself a convict and living under those conditions.

North Parramatta Female Factory Precinct including Parramatta Gaol. - Viral Pig Media

North Parramatta Government Precinct (Fleet Street Heritage Area)   - Parramattarian 2013

Parramatta Female Factory - Parramatta Female Factory Friends

Parramatta Female Factory needs your help. - Parramatta Female Factory Friends

Teapot Genie, Female Factory Part 2.- Teapot Genealogy 2009

Suzette Meade North Parramatta Residents Action Group - Riot Day 2015

Rita Mallia CFMEU Parramatta Female Factory. - Riot Day 2015

State Member Geoff Lee Speech Riot Day 2015

Lee Rhiannon Speech Riot Day 2015

Female Factory "Gate 1" Bonney Djuric

Industrial School "Gate 3" Bonney Djuric

A place for girls of 'tender years who were not corrupt'for the destitute and vagrant, a refuge, a place no more than a children's prison disguised as a 'welfare' institution.

Assylum "Gate 5" Bonney Djuric

Taking Freedom from the Past Bonney Djuric

Female Factory Recognition - Jamie Parker

City of Parramatta Council -Future Parramatta- Building Australia's Next Great Sydney 2014

Convict Women Trailer HD - Story of Irish Convicts transported-Banished Women.